Thursday, April 7, 2011

:: LIFE ::

Life is SO much fun these days!!! Our house is full of joy and our kids are doing fabulously. Lil P is growing by leaps and bounds daily and Squirt is a riot. He learned to crawl "army style" about two weeks ago, so needless to say our days of sitting still are quickly escaping us. Lil P is still very much in love with her little brother and stays close to him...sometimes a little too close:)
The Knight is doing great, as always! He's addicted to playing indoor soccer and even talked me into playing paintball with several friends last weekend. I must admit, paintball was SO much fun!!! I'm committed to playing again, but only after my bumps and bruises all heal.
This past Sunday we took the kids shopping for shoes at Stride Rite and then took a detour to the park for a hour or so of play time. Yes, there are tons of pictures, but I just couldn't resist. It's wild to sit back and think about where the last 2 1/2 years have gone. I no longer have a little baby girl or a little baby boy...both are growing up so quickly, which is very rewarding and emotional at the same time.
Well, Im signing off for hopes of more pictures to post very soon!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unchartered Waters

I must admit, I'm wading in unchartered waters! Since becoming hooked on Facebook, I have sadly not gone one day without checking friends' statuses, uploading tons of pictures of the wee ones and posting the great and small details of my little life. What was I thinking when I logged off four days ago?! 40 days?! Was I really going to be able to go without FaceBook for 40 days?! Although it hasn't been easy thus far, it's a tiny sacrifice compared to the numerous sacrifices Jesus made for all of us! I am immensely appreciative to all my FB friends that cringed at the thought of going 40 days without pictures of Lil P and Squirt. Not to worry my dear friends, I present...
These two wee ones are ADDICTED to one another!!! They are both such sweet spirits and deeply love one another as much as a 2 1/2 yr old and 8 month old can. Lil P loves reading to Squirt, making him laugh and giving him hug, after hug, after hug.
Lil P is a fantastic little girl!! She's loving and energetic, polite but loud, silly and rambunctious!! She is such an enduring little girl, with a heart of gold. She'll begin 3K at a local Catholic elementary school in the Fall...yes, she's almost THREE YEARS OLD. Where have the past years gone?! She's currently taking Kindermusik and will start gymnastics this Summer. The Knight and I keep this sweet little princess busy...or is she the one keeping us busy?!
Have you ever thought eating green beans could be fun? If not, let Lil P show you how it's done...
Squirt on the other hand is a rough and tough near 8 month old (you have to be when there's a big sister near by). Squirt is sitting up like a little man, but making no attempt to move ANYWHERE! He's got his big sister and his best pal O to take care of him. Squirt is close to 21 lbs and is eating Stage 2 foods. He has three teeth, and a few more are making attempts to pop out in the upper gum. He's extremely laid back (similar to The Knight) unless he's hungry or tired (like his Nana). He has the chunkiest cheeks, cheeks that you could just squeeze for days!
Squirt loves to sit on a blanket and play with his toys either independently or along side Lil P. While visiting Nana and G'diddy last weekend, Squirt began to drink out of a sippy cup. He seems to grab ahold of new things, and "runs" with them...unless of course it calls for him to exert alot of energy...he's just not having that:)
The Knight and I are doing really well! Both working alot of hours each week, but making it all work. The Knight's doing fantastic in his MBA program, earning all A's thus far. We are extremely proud of what we've become as husband and wife over the past 4 years and 4 months and we anxiously await what is in store for our little family. We are both complete SUCKERS for our little ones and seem to love them more and more with each passing day.
Well, dinner I must run, but I promise not to take 2 1/2 months to update you all.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Season!

Can you believe it?! I'm actually updating the blog with THIS adorable picture...
The wees ones, the Knight and I are doing fabulously!!! Lil P is now just over two years old and Squirt is 5 months old. Needless to say our lives are extremely busy, but we are having a blast (most of the time). Lil P talks nonstop and has such a sweet spirit about herself. She loves being a helper with her little brother and she's extremely active both at school and home. Squirt is growing like a weed. He's 20 lbs...the size of a 1 yr old!! He's been measuring in the 95% for height, weight and head circumference so he's big all around. He's been eating fruits and veggies for the past month, and he's rolling all over the place. We are working on him sitting solo, but that'll take a little while longer. Squirt has had 3 right ear infections so surgery for tubes is likely on the horizon in the new year.
Well back the peanut butter fudge and pecan pie I go...don't want to be neglectful of them, like I've been with you these past few months:)
Love to all!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wee Ones

We are alive...we are alive!!!
It's hard to believe, and also a bit embarrassing, that it's been over a MONTH since I updated you all on the wee ones. TONS has happened in our let me begin.
Squirt was baptized on August 28th, where my brother and sister stood beside us as his godparents (they are Lil P's too). Squirt wore the same baptismal gown that Lil P and his cousins wore, the one that my mom handmade for her grandchildren to be baptized in. The gown is beautiful and very special to us all! After the baptism we came back to our house for lunch, and play time of course!
Later that same day, Lil P celebrated her 2nd birthday (gosh, 2 already?!). Elmo was the theme and the day was shared with friends and family from near and far. One of mine and The Knight's coworkers made this fabulous cake which tasted just as wonderful as it looked.
We've had two road trips to Franklin to visit my family and will be heading to Missouri in a few short weeks to visit The Knight's family. Lil P is a fabulous traveller and Squirt is getting better with every trip:)

Lil P is really a special little girl, she seems to be growing up so quickly. She often speaks in sentences and she's able to communicate her needs and wants using more and more words daily. She's an excellent big sister to Squirt, making sure she helps him whenever she can. Overall she's been really healthy, despite the one viral infection she had a few weeks ago. Her breathing has been great, seriously no bouts with wheezing in quite some time...praise God! The Knight and I are so proud of our little girl. She's got such a sweet spirit and really seems to enjoy life!
Squirt is already TEN and a half weeks old...OMG, time has really flown by!!! When we took him for his two month check up he weighed 14 lbs and 2 oz and was 23 inches long. He's measuring in the 90th percentile for height, weight and head circumference. Who knows, maybe we have a football player on our hands!! We've finally got his tummy issues figured out (we think), he's on his fifth type of formula and has been successfully for right at a month now. He too was diagnosed with having reflux (like big sister) and he's taking medication twice daily, which really seems to be helping with the symptoms. My little man eats all the time...seriously, he never seems to get enough! When Lil P had her viral infection, Squirt was also sick with his first ear infection. Seriously, a two month old with an ear infection?!?! UGH, my poor children and their ears!!!! After 10 days of antibiotics, he's doing great. He's still not sleeping through the night, but luckily he wakes just once to eat (I told you he was a hungry guy). He's pretty laid back and goes with the flow. He's cooing and smiling all the time, even so much that sometimes when I'm on the phone people hear him over me...and you know Im loud:) He shops A LOT with me, and even tags along on lunch dates (actually he gets invited and I tag along). The verdict is still out on whether he looks like me or The Knight...but either way he's pretty darn fantastic.
I'm almost 100% positive I've forgotten something about the kids, but these are the big happenings in their lives. A future post is to come on how The Knight and I are surviving life with two kids two years old and younger!!! Until then...tons of love!